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“I’m a skeptic about most nutrition and health stuff. That’s probably the reason my health got so bad. With a concerning diagnosis finally came the realization: My health needs to change. Despite my doubts, I met with Kelly and immediately realized my apprehension was actually ignorance. Kelly was incredible at taking big concepts and making them understandable and practical. The results have been life-changing. From weight-loss to renewed energy—from couch potato to hiking across the Grand Canyon– Kelly transformed my health.”

— DS

“As a family we struggled with our health. My husband was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Our eating habits were very unhealthy. It was affecting our family more than we realized. Personally, on a day-to-day basis, I was dragging as a homeschool mom. I would drink coffee throughout the day just to keep up with the kids.

After talking to Kelly, we realized there was hope for healing—another way to obtain a lifestyle filled with energy to accomplish all that was in front of us. We worked a plan with Kelly including a detox and cleanse, along with a new, healthy way of eating.

After just a couple months, everything changed. Not only did I have more energy without caffeine, but my cycles became more consistent after being inconsistent all my life. And the yeast infections that often came have been gone. My whole body was functioning cleanly. We are so thankful for Kelly and excited to be on this journey toward healing!”

— Anonymous

“I’ve never shared my health journey, partially because I’m the type of person who is a master at coping, and I always push forward in life no matter what adversity I face. And partially because I started to feel crazy being “sick” all the time without a diagnosis. I’m a very black and white person, so I need answers. And partially because I prioritize my family above myself, and nothing seemed comparable to my son’s brain condition and neurosurgery.

Starting from 2019, I experienced stomach problems (mostly bloating), headaches, fatigue, and joint pain. I would alter my diet and cut back on running, and those fixes seemed to help. Things took a turn for the worse by September 2021 shortly after starting a new thyroid medication. I had been on a natural supplement for years, and a new doctor recommended a synthetic alternative. By the next month, I was hospitalized for Pericarditis (fluid around my heart), and I knew instinctively it was my body’s reaction to the thyroid medication.

For the next YEAR, I continued to have the same symptoms that would NOT subside: shortness of breath, severe bloating, a constant feeling of chest congestion and complete lethargy (asleep by 7pm nightly).

Every time I would go back to my Dr. or get other professional opinions, they would tell me it seemed like I had “Long COVID” or possibly Lupus.

By September 2022, I was introduced to Kelly Meehan, and from our very 1ST conversation, she committed to helping me no matter how long it took. She effectively coached me to “put my oxygen mask on FIRST” in order to be the healthiest version of myself. I knew somehow, she would be my saving grace.

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It took PATIENCE, many tests, some money out of pocket, and a strict detox regime… but for the 1ST time in almost 3 years, I had answers and a SOLUTION. It felt like normalcy was within my reach!

She helped lead me to a celiac diagnosis and on top of that, I had heavy metals which were affecting my thyroid, and toxic mold in my body, affecting my lungs.

Being undiagnosed celiac for 41 years basically took a huge toll on my body, causing a domino affect of problems from my thyroid, cortisol (stress) levels, skin, and a laundry list of other ailments.

For years, I felt like the healthiest sick person I knew. I was always the one green juicing, working out 5-6 times per week, even detoxing at least once or twice per year. Little did I know that no matter how “gluten free” my diet was, there was gluten in my facial/skin products and even the liquid gel cap Advil I was taking. (Mind blown)

Now, several months into my recovery, I can’t help but to celebrate the gift of tomorrow. It’s always a new day, and I thank God for that.

Words will never be enough to thank Kelly for her patience and her guidance to get my health and my life back.
I cannot recommend her enough for any of yours or your family’s health needs!”

— CC

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